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I finally got my Lift Vapor bottle package with several flavors. The throat hit was excellent, and the flavors were awesome. I was blown away I could not believe that the technology has advanced so much. There was no bad smell, no ash, no fire. Could not be happier! Later on I’ve tried other brands, but kept returning to Lift Vapor. I guess I just had to prove to myself that I really will be a lifetime LiftVapor customer.

Rod L. – New Haven, CT

First off, this is the nicest smoke juice bottle on the market. I knew that if it tasted as good as the bottle looked, I would be satisfied. I was shocked, it was better than I imagined! Your Mint Chocolate flavor was so amazing it was my favorite, I think I just found a new boyfriend!

Jane P. – Cambridge, MA.

Thank you! I got a 30ml bottle of banana e-liquid and wow wow wow! I love it. Seems to produce those huge clouds of vapor I love so much, and the taste of flavors are just cleaner than other liquids I've tried.

Sarah S. – New York US

I LOVE your product and all my friends have ordered as well!

Mike H – Edmonton, Canada

Thank you, your products are outstanding, prices are fantastic, service and quality of products are incredible! I love your huge flavor selection, there are so many you will keep me trying new flavors for a long time!

Vald Z. – Oregon, US

I got my e-cig so quickly and I LOVE it!!! I plan to quit smoking real cigarettes within a week since I'm having my teeth cleaned. Best part is my husband lets me "smoke" in the house! Thanks again--great product! E-cig!

Holly H. – North Carolina, US

My e-cig and I are now inseparable. I bought one about 5 months ago and haven't put it down since (or picked up a tobacco cigarette since). Finally found Lift Vapor Liquid to supply my sig. Excellent now I have the perfect Cigarette Marriage! Thanks you guys Rock!

James P. – Las Vegas NV.

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