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Starter Kit

E-Liquid Starter Kit

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Our Lift Vapor E-Cig Starter Kit comes equipped with everything you need to enjoy your new "vaping" experience. Included in the set is 1 long black and 1 short, white, rechargeable battery. Also included in the starter kit: 1 Lift Vapor Battery Charging Kit and a 5-pack of blank refillable cartridges. In addition you will receive one throw-in cartridge in your choice of 1.8% Menthol Flavor or 1.8% Tobacco flavor and your choice of any 5ml flavor in stock from our flavor vapor section. Choose from 27 different flavors.
  • - Package dimensions - 5"x3.75"x2.25"
  • - Package Contents
  • - 1 Qty - Charger Kit - comes with wall unit adaptor and usb charger
  • - 2 Qty - E-cig batteries - 1 Long black & short white batteries (male threaded)
  • - 1 Qty - Refillable blank cartridges - 5 pack female threaded cartomizers
  • - 1 Qty - Cartridge/cartomizer filled with 1.8 Menthol or tobacco
  • - 1 Qty - 5ml vial of e-liquid. Choose from 27 flavors & 4 different nicotine strength levels

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