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Intended for sale to adults 18 years or older. If you are not legally able to purchase tobacco products in the state where you live, please do not enter this site.

About Us

We at LiftVapor are the premium makers and suppliers of smokeless liquid-flavored nicotine. No more worries about harmful smoke that causes repulsive smoker’s breath!  You’ll be experiencing a great tasting vapor that satisfies the senses.  Enjoy the dozens of flavors in stock with a host of different nicotine levels to choose from. Whether you like strong and bold flavor, or soft and milld, LiftVapor can satisfy your needs. Explore and create hundreds of different flavor varieties! Build your own blend in our Custom Vapor section.

Our Vision

We created Lift Vapor because we envisioned our customers as diverse individuals who desire the power to create their own custom-tailored Electronic Cigarette experience. Enjoy dozens of flavorsome flavors with the ability to blend them together with a host of different nicotine levels to choose from. Our customers know that they can enjoy a strong and robust level of nicotine or a milder and softer experience; we even provide for those that want to quit smoking.

Flavor Vapor

With 30 Flavors as an option you will be busy trying new Lift Vapor for quit sometime. All flavors are stocked and shipped same day. All flavor recipes are designed for an ALL DAY vap. For a PG free flavor please visit our Custom Vapor page.

Custom Vapor (Coming Soon!!)

We designed our Custom Vapor section with the customer in mind. Anyone can explore and create hundreds of different flavor varieties and be able to adjust the level of Vegetable Glycerin (VG) and Propylene Glycol (PG) to suit your individual vaping needs. Click here to learn more about the effects of adjusting the VG and PG ratios and decide which one is right for you.

Lift E-Cigarette Design


Our batteries are constructed at the worlds number one e-cig manufacture. Built durable and made for long lasting use. You can choose from a Shorty or an Extended battery as well as choosing white or black. Our batteries are specifically designed, with the perfect level of strength to insure a smooth flavorful vap for every puff.


Our cartridges are specifically engineered into our Lift E-Cig Cartridge to avoid the hassle of any unnecessary set up steps along the way. Inside, our custom horizontal coil construction allows for a thorough and even heat distribution to help produce and maximize a powerful throat hit that reformed smokers grew to love with their old tobacco products. Our premium liquid is produced with the highest quality US ingredients made right here in the United States of America.

Silicone Tip

Our securely designed tip ensures a snug and high quality fit inside the cartridge ring. This creates a thorough and powerful drag along the center opening while staying loose enough to pull it off for reuse with our premium Lift Vapor products. To learn more about how to refill your Lift cartridges, click here.

Thank you for choosing Lift Vapor !!

Location and Press

All our vapor is made in Hartford Connecticut
Press Release contact email:
seo (at) seomarketleaders (dot) com
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