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You Just Found The Best E-Cigarettes On The Planet

What Are E-Cigarettes?

A growing number of people just like you are switching to Electronic cigarettes from traditional tobacco products due to a number of reasons such as convenience and pure enjoyment. These electrical inhalers reduce bad smells, fires, and you can use them in many places where traditional cigarettes have been banned.

Your experience of smoking our e-cigarettes will simulate the experience of smoking a real one. E-cigarettes are powered by a small lithium battery that atomizes a propylene glycol/nicotine solution and are easy and convenient for you to use. Our Lift Vapor Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit is just what you need to get started and right now its 20% off. Click Here to Order Now.

An Experience To Remember

Imagine that moment when you take that smooth hit on our E-Cigarette device, the exquisite flavors explode in your mouth, and flow smoothly down your throat as nicotine instantly enters your body stimulating your senses. We bet you can’t wait for the next hit. Our E-Liquid is custom made right in the USA and mixed down to the molecule with our industrial grade mixing machine to deliver the best tasting vapor your senses have experienced.


“I love the fact I stopped smelling like smoke when I switched to electronic cigarettes. Although Lift was not the first company I found when I made my switch but its now the only e-cig/e-liquid company I will buy from. There hardware is top notch and all there flavored e-juice is amazing. The hardest part is which one do I try next. I cant wait until they open there custom vapor section so I can create my very own smoke juice.”

Jason – Austin TX

Premium E-Liquid and E-Cigarettes

At Lift Vapor, we have our very own premium e-cigarettes to unsure that your e-liquid is vaped at exactly the right temperature for optimum delivery. We also want our e-cigarettes to last, which is why we designed them with high grade materials and all our hardware comes with a 1 year warranty. We have over 30 premium e-liquid blends that have been designed by our in-house mixologist so that you get the best tasting e-liquid flavors on the market. We work hard everyday to create new blends so stay tuned for more tasteful flavors coming soon!

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